MediVet Midwest is your local distributor for MediVet America, the world’s largest animal stem cell company.

At MediVet Midwest we strive to improve the quality of life for every animal services.  By helping heal your pet, we also hope to improve the lives of pet owners and veterinarians in the process.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Russell is a University of Missouri graduate, class of 1985. Currently, she is a passionate advocate for pets, committed to natural relief of pain and the power and promise of regenerative medicine.  A 26 year veteran of small animal practice, she currently operates a canine acupuncture and sports medicine facility. Her involvement with Medivet Midwest is aimed at providing a knowledge link to help veterinarians implement the technological advance of the Medivet process.


Morgan Russell: Business Manager

Morgan enjoys being able to employ innovative thinking to find solutions for animals. She is also a certified stem cell technician and loves working alongside veterinarians around the Midwest. In her free time she enjoys training her dog Jenny in nosework and Rally obedience.

Expertise: Equine; Canine ; Feline  Skills: Promotional Design, Communications