Banking Stem Cells is a New Option!

Put something away for a rainy day

“Banking stem cells is like having an extra insurance policy for your pet”, explained Jeremy Delk, CEO of MediVet America of Nicholasville, Ky. MediVet sells in-clinic equipment and adipose stem cell procedure kits, as well as banking services for harvested cells.

Stem cell therapy reduces inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and degenerative joint diseases, and provides healing to the joint. But, the joint might need a future treatment, or a different joint might also need treatment. Banking extra cells allows a second procedure to be done without having to put the animal through another surgery and offers a cost savings to the pet owner.

Parents can now bank their newborns cord blood cells, and just like that pet owners can bank a dog or cat’s stem cells, and preserve those cells for the lifetime of the animal. When they are needed they can be sent back to the veterinarian to inject into the animal.

Researchers, now know that stem cells hold the key to managing many diseases. Contact MediVet Midwest to learn more about how stem cells can help your pet!

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