Dogs who have Hip Dyplasia come in all sizes. The cause of hip dysplasia is complex and involves genetics and nutrition among other factors. The diagnosis is made by taking radiographs of the dog. Usually this is because the dog is limping but can be a part of a screening physical.  Dogs bear quite a bit of weight on their hips when the move up and down from a lying to a standing position.

Hip dysplasia is associated with abnormal joint structure as well as a laxity of the muscles, connective tissue, and ligaments that would normally help support the joint. Without treatment the animal can eventually have trouble walking. Currently most dogs with hip dysplasia are treated with surgery and medication. Some patients can get limited relief from acupuncture. Hip replacement surgery is currently the gold standard but many animals are not candidates due to age or financial considerations.

Recently, regenerative medicine allows the dog to improve the health of the joint and have a reduction in pain. The regenerative medicine therapy offers a new hope to beloved dogs who have exhausted regular therapy. From a paw side of view, stem cells may offer a less painful way to walk through their life. For the animal, it is a easy procedure with potentially life changing affects.

How stem cells can help:

Stem cells occur naturally in the body and are multi-potent in order to heal certain specific areas that have become damaged. By injecting the cells into the joint, that damaged ligament will repair and tighten, keeping the femoral head from moving as far out of the socket resulting in far less pain upon movement.


Application: Canine, Feline, Exotics


“Five Year Old Cattle Dog Success” Abby is a five year old cattle dog.  She has been having bad hip problems for about 2 years.  Dr. Catherine White at Finchville Animal Hospital in Finchville, KY has been working with her.  Abby’s problems had escalated.  She had been unable to go up steps, she couldn’t get up off of the kitchen floor, and many other difficulties with daily life, she had very little activity.  I doubted that she had another year.  Dr. White called me telling me about your stem-cell procedure.  In August, we decided to do it.  Within a few days Abby was going up and down steps, getting up with no difficulties and appeared to be in no pain for the first time in a long time.  Today she has no signs of hip problems.  She’s returned to the life of a healthy dog.  I am attaching some pictures of her.  (She has lost 7lbs because of renewed physical activities)

Thank you so much,

Judierle and Abby