Stem Cell Math-Musings from both sides of the Exam Table

Economics of Healing

The bond between human and canine is not reduceable to a dollar value. True too is the reality that pain and suffering when watched in a companion animal is especially difficult. It seems that those we love that pad through life on 4 legs, asking for little and giving so much deserve comfort and health.

The last 10 days I have watched my beloved Aiden, a dog of charm and love struggle to live while the best of veterinary care seems not to be enough. Personal tragedy allows me to see anew what crosses and recrossed n owners mind when deciding what to spend on a dog, or cat.

I heard myself think, “I don’t care what it costs-I’ll spend it” and “who cares, I’ll find a way to pay for it” and…As a veterinarian that is usually on the other side-offering the care-the value question feels different, but of course it is not. If I had banked stem cells on my beloved Aidan, oh how happy I would be to give them now. If $2000 could buy the hope of healing, I would not blink. Am I so rare?

So I ponder as the use of stem cells derived from an animals own fat against a grudging acceptance among vets-will others have the foresight to realize that banking stem cells at the time of a routine surgery makes sense so those mighty healing cells are dressed and ready for work when needed.

What does it cost? Although the answer may vary the economic benefit in healing a loved one certainly for me is clear-this is a good deal.

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