Stem Cell Therapy gives back to Canine Heroes

STEM CELL THERAPY gives a better life to CANINE HEROES

Two 9/11 search and rescue dogs suffering from severe joint disease are now able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives thanks to the help of stem cell therapy.

Bailey, a 50 pound Labrador retriever had visible swelling in her elbows, along with considerable wear and tear on other joints. In her line of work as a search and rescue dog, considerable weight was placed on her front end. Bailey also was having trouble going up and down stairs. She would always hesitate when presented with a incline.

Dr. Mary Ergan performed the stem cell procedure on Bailey and has seen a considerable amount of improvement. Bailey is now jumping off the porch to play, which she hasn’t done in over a year.

Hoke, a 13 year old labrador also underwent the same procedure. Hoke was deployed to the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Hoke presented his doctors with not only severe arthritis but also a neurologic component.

Dr. Persing, owner of the Western Veterinary Clinic in South Bend, Indiana did the procedure for Hoke. Persing said, “Hoke is a geriatric dog that was fairly arthritic and neurologic. We not only have joint pain and problems, we have problems with the nerves being able to activate the muscles to the hind legs. He was ataxic and wobbly. He knuckled over his feet, so he was walking on the tops of his feet.”

Hoke now is showing signs of getting better: Hoke has now standing up on his hind legs and begging for scraps from the kitchen. He is also running around and perking up whenever he sees a new face.

MediVet America’s CEO Jeremy Delk is “proud to help the unsung canine heroes of 9/11.” He says, “They deserve the very best stem cell therapeutic care that is now being received by animals across the nation.”

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